Our Mission

Eco My Home exists to help Australians embrace a more environmentally friendly lifestyle by empowering consumers to make the right choice. We believe that our families and the planet deserve to be safe, healthy and happy, so we encourage embracing a more eco friendly way of being, to achieve harmony within our lives and the environment.


Our Vision

To minimise the amount of harmful chemicals and products used in homes by informing people about the best alternatives available. By incorporating smarter and more environmentally friendly choices in our homes, we can have an incredibly positive impact on ourselves and the greater community.

Our Values

Togetherness | Let us create an opportunity for each other to make a difference.

Sustainability | Commitment to continually improving environmental outcomes and drive change for the future.

Health | Personal, Home, Community, Planet. All for one, one for all.

Integrity | To strive towards the greater good with purpose and intention.